Wonder woman 1984 movie online review

Wonder woman 1984 movie online review- wonder women movie is the most anticipated superhero movie in 2020 for the MCU lovers. People are waiting for one year from its motion poster released. It is the sequel to 2017's Wonder Woman and the ninth instalment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The film is directed by Patty Jenkins

Wonder woman 1984 movie online review
Wonder woman 1984 movie online review

Cast of wonder women 1984

  • Kristen Wiig ... Barbara Minerva
  • Gal Gadot ...   Wonder Woman
  • Connie Nielsen ... Hippolyta
  • Pedro Pascal  ...        Max Lord
  • Chris Pine ... Steve Trevor
  • Robin Wright ... Antiope
  • Lilly Aspell ... As Young Diana
  • Gabriella Wilde
  • Kristoffer Polaha
  • Lyon Beckwith

The storyline of Wonder Woman 1984 movie online review

The story of Wonder Woman 1984 would have started something like this, the younger Diana Prince is told that we are seen participating in an Olympics of the Amazonians, that too at a very young age. This must-have happened when Diana showed her skills to her mother, Hippolyta. After which Diana got permission from Hippolyta, that she could do it to other Amazonians and perfect herself.

At the beginning of the film, Hippolyta, Diana's mother, tells Diana that she will one day showed her powers all over the world.

When people need Diana, Diana will have to leave her world and come to help humans and Steve helps her in this, and Diana will fulfil her promise this time as well, friends, this film has a lot to show us. To see what Diana was doing in 1984,

What is the character of Wonder women

Also, we see Diana fighting an undisclosed threat in the film that is surrounding Washington DC, we will get to see a lot of Wonder Woman's powers. We are also getting to know that Diana is a film Will use Invisible Ship. So that she can also increase her speed, she will also fly a jet above with the help of Lightning, the powers that will be giving her Zeus, who is also Diana's father in actual, Diana wearing the Golden Armer in this film.

Who is the villain in Wonder Woman 1984 movie?

The biggest problem for Diana in this film is Maxwell Lode who is the main villain of the film. With the help of Crystal, Maxwell has made himself a powerful person, that too by becoming President of America. But this time Maxwell will also be helped by Barbra who is seen as Diana's friend at the beginning of the film, she is also a coward and is very smart. Both of them are a good friend at first but Barbara is a little jealous of Diana and due to this jealousy she starts supporting Maxwell.

Wonder Women official trailer

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Due to COVID 19, pandemic cinemas are closed, many big movies are waiting for there release dates. But on the other hand, OTT platform like Amazon Prime and Netflix continue bringing new movies. Now you can download wonder woman 1984 movie online in Hindi also.

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